Sport Performance Associates LLC

Sport Performance Associates, LLC is a horse racing stable with a mission to form thoroughbred syndicates mainly operating at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sport Performance Associates, LLC purchases or claims thoroughbred racehorses at optimal prices to race to maximize potential syndicate partner investments. Thoroughbred ownership by syndicate offers those who want the excitement and privileges that thoroughbred horse ownership provides while mitigating financial risk and distributing cumbersome and inevitable operational fees among partners. Ownership through syndicate allows partners to diversify and enjoy ownership in one or several horses.

Sport Performance Associates, LLC also allows owners the benefit of expert corporate stable ownership and trainers with multigenerational experience. With syndicates, you can enjoy ownership without having to run your own stable. With Sport Performance Associates, LLC thoroughbred partnership purchases, owners shares generally constitute 80% of all outstanding shares of the horse with 10% retained by the trainer and 10% retained by Sport Performance Associates, LLC. This formula is advantageous in that all parties have a stake in maximizing the potential success of our equine athletes. Unlike other stables, at Sport Performance Associates, LLC, we are very up front about thoroughbred ownership syndicates. Owning race horses is not for everyone, and owning equine athletes is a rather expensive proposition. Racing and caring for thoroughbreds is demanding and expensive, and the fees associated with running a stable and equine athletes is significant and ongoing . While fees are generally predictable, there is no assurance of unexpected costs or a winner. The thrill is to find the best horses at the best prices and provide the best care and training to position the horse to win.

At Sport Performance Associates, LLC, we put the success, health and safety of our equine athletes first, and we do not cut corners in the area of running our stable. We feel this commitment to our equine athletes the greatest service to the interest of our syndicate partners. Sport Performance Associates, LLC serves syndicate partners who truly enjoy the sport of horse racing and understand, or are willing to learn, the demands of horse ownership and the emotional and financial commitment that complement ownership.

At Sport Performance Associates, we look forward to you becoming a partner in one of our stable’s racehorses.

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